Big Sing Days

On the 18th and 19th March, the ROH will be holding two Big Sing days as part of the Trailblazer and Youth Singing Programme

Big Sing Days


On Friday 18th March and Saturday 19th March, we will be holding two Big Sing days in Thurrock, as part of our Thurrock Trailblazer andYouth Singing Programme.


Friday 18th March (9.30- 16.00)

We have invited groups from Thurrock secondary schools to take part in a whole day of singing and performance at Thameside Theatre. Based on one of our Opera Resources*, each group will have prepared a piece to perform at the end of the day. Male acapella group, the Sons of Pitches, will be leading a master class with the participants, and the groups will come together to produce a ten minute additional piece on the day. The final presentation will feature a performance from the Sons of Pitches themselves, as well as the Young Vocal Leaders groups showcasing their pieces.


Saturday 19th March (9.30- 17.00. Open to Thurrock Community aged 8-25 from 12.30)

This is an open access event for 8-25 year olds who work, live and study in Thurrock. The Young Vocal Leaders (who didn't perform the day before) will be bringing their groups long for a fun singing warm up and master class with the Sons of Pitches, and then in the afternoon participants from the Thurrock will be joining in for an afternoon of Big Sing. We will then produce a joint piece involving all participants, to be presented to friends and family in a performance at the end of the day, with the Sons of Pitches and Young Vocal Leader Groups also featured.

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