Friday Afternoons in Thurrock

Over 250 Thurrock students helped mark the 100th Anniversary of the birth of the composer Benjamin Britten.

Britten’s philosophy as a composer was to write music for everyone, he wanted his music to be of use to people, to please them and to enhance their lives. He is now the most performed British composer in the world and he was the first musician in history to be made a Lord by the Queen.

Britten spent much of his life in Aldeburgh, Suffolk and in 1948 set up the Aldeburgh Festival of Arts at Snape Maltings. The festival is run by an organisation called Alderburg Music which took a lead role in promoting and coordinating the national celebrations. 

The Thurrock Music Education Hub was keen to be involved in this national event and along with partners including the Royal Opera House Bridge organisation and Aldeburgh Music it devised a creative project based around Britten’s 12 Friday Afternoon songs and which culminated in a large scale concert at the Civic Hall on the 22nd November 2013.  Rather than just giving a performance of the Friday Afternoon songs in their original form, schools were invited to create their own brand new songs in styles ranging from Rap to Reggae and from Blues to Bhangra.  Professional workshop leaders including a rap artist and professional vocal group Apollo5 helped the students create their own lyrics and musical accompaniments.  As an added bonus, many of the participating students will also gain an Arts Award though the project.

The Thurrock Music Education Hub is committed to seeking opportunities enabling young musicians to work with professional artists and bringing cultural opportunities to the young people of Thurrock.

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Posted by Thurrock Music Services on December 9, 2013