Musicians working with Tasmin Little OBE

"I was delighted to work recently with young people in association with Thurrock Music Services.

"They are providing a hugely valuable service and the joy on the faces of the young musicians was inspiring to witness.

"I began the violin, aged 7, with the violin teacher at my local, state primary school in London. It is only because of the opportunities that I was given at that early age that I have been able to fulfil my dream of becoming a professional concert violinist. Sadly, the chance to learn an instrument is not always available in schools nowadays and, with the threat of further cuts in education, many young people may miss out on a valuable and enjoyable part of the curriculum.

"Music can be a lifeline to many young people, helping them to work through difficult emotions, find courage and have faith in themselves. Music provides a meaningful and personal outlet to people of all ages, but the effects are often most powerful in young people.

"In addition to providing a valuable and joyous experience for the children, the families and greater community are also enriched.

"I would like to endorse the vision of this important service which is having a hugely beneficial impact on the lives of many local children."

Tasmin Little OBE

Thurrock Music Services

Posted by Thurrock Music Services on December 11, 2013